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The Stoic Male Antihero Trope Examined

I feel that 'Le Samourai,' 'The Driver' and 'Drive' could easily have been adapted off the same script, since they all portray a protagonist who fits the mold of the stoic male antihero trope developed noticeably by Marlon Brandon perfected by Clint Eastwood.

Bruce Wayne vs The World

What if one outstanding English director (Edgar Wright) directed other outstanding English director's (Christopher Nolan's) famous trilogy of films ('The Dark Knight' trilogy)?

Starcher Trek!

What would happen if Sterling Archer was Captain of the USS Enterprise?

‘Rogue One:’ A Pixar Story

Pixar's most-beloved characters (Merida, Mike, Buzz Lightyear) set a risky goal to capture Dr. Porkchop spaceship setting up an incredible saga to follow

‘Ghost in the Shell’ Remake Remixed

The trailer for 2017’s live-action ‘Ghost in the Shell’ movie starring Scarlett Johannson recut with shots and scenes from the classic ‘Ghost in the Shell’ anime.

A ‘Stranger Things’ Christmas

In this 'Peanuts'/'Stranger Things' mash-up, Will Byers returns home from the upside down, but can't seem to shake off that traumatic experience.