Subject: David Lynch


David Lynch’s ‘Return of the Jedi’

In 1981 George Lucas approached David Lynch to direct the final installment of the 'Star Wars' trilogy. For years fans of Lynch and Lucas have wondered what that surreal vision would look like. Now we finally know.... in David Lynch's 'Return of the Jedi.'

‘La La Land’ as Directed by David Lynch

Everyone knows that 'La La Land' is the feel-good, singing and dancing movie of the year. We wondered what the film would look like with an entirely different director and tone.

Blue Shining: When Lynch Meets Kubrick

What would The Shining look like had it been directed by David Lynch? Would it be a dream or a nightmare? Blue Shining combines both worlds in a playful manner by integrating elements from Lynch's films into Kubrick's movie.

‘Mulholland Drive’ – The Essential Lynch

'Mulholland Drive' is the culmination of all things Lynchian; the themes, aesthetic style, characterization, and storytelling patterns he spent a career developing come to a perfect head in this one film.

‘Mulholland Drive’ – How Lynch Manipulates You

The audition scene in 'Mulholland Drive' and the tricks Lynch employs — technical, narrative, and emotional — to manipulate our expectations and deliver something more powerful than we could have anticipated.

David Lynch, Lord of the Dance

From Wild at Heart to Mulholland Drive, Lynch has often used dance as an emotional signifier, a way of manifesting characters’ internal states in exposition-free fashion and letting their bodies do the talking.

David Lynch and the Telephone

The phone scenes from 'Lost Highway,' 'Mulholland Drive,' and 'Inland Empire' edited into one paranoid sequence that highlights the terror that can be spawned from a simple phone call.