Creator: Mr. Nerdista


‘Carlito’s Way:’ The Power of Color

Color plays a vital part in the excellence of 'Carlito's Way,' from reflecting character decisions to vividly casting a shadow of the past without flashbacks.

The History of Spanish Cinema

The Spanish film industry is rich in history, having suffered some serious setbacks. Yet there have been joyous moments of redemption and return. In this essay, I delve into the history of Spanish cinema and beyond.

How James Wan Scares You

A look at one of modern horror's finest directors and how he, so successfully, conjures up a scare. I offer up five key facets of his directorial style that make him such a commercial and simultaneously independent star.

Why the Marvel Movie Formula is Flawed

A rare video essay in which I discuss my frustrations with the MCU and its formula. I’m diehard fan of comic books and I enjoy the films, but these are issues that have begun to derail my enjoyment of the Marvel films.

How Denis Villeneuve Explores Humanity

Denis Villeneuve's films often tackle the brutal and ugly sides of humanity, typically through the lens of invasion - be that invasion of land, innocence or privacy.

‘M’ – The Importance of Sound Design

In which I look at the brilliant and innovative sound design of Fritz Lang's 1931 masterpiece, 'M'. Kept the original aspect ratio for the sake of showing the film in its truest essence.