Creator: Jacob T. Swinney


The Coen Brothers in Green

In the films of the Coen Brothers, green is a recurring symbol across the majority of their filmography.

‘Whiplash’ from Short to Feature

'Whiplash' and the short that inspired the feature film have been edited together seamlessly in order to showcase the note-for-note similarities.

Movie Music Playlists

We all know that music can conjure a wide range of emotions, but in the world of film it gets a little more complicated.

Refn Reflections

The films of Nicolas Winding Refn tend to be films about inner struggle. When relaying this to the audience, the Danish filmmaker often turns to reflections.

Six Uses for the Bird’s-Eye Shot

Using examples from '300,' 'Oldboy,' 'Inside Man,' 'Kill Bill vol. 1,' 'The Matrix Reloaded,' 'Sin City,' 'Zodiac' and scores more, Swinney presents the spectrum of possibilities the bird’s-eye-view shot poses.