Subject: Cinematography


The Millennium (So Far) in Cinema

For this video, I tried to capture the best of film from the 17 years of this new millennium. Not every great film is here, but I tried to include as many as possible.

To The Right: Tracking Shots

45 tracking shots are on display in all their hypnotizing fluidity, ready to immerse you in the filmic universes through which they’re moving.

Martin Scorsese and the Fast Dolly Zoom

Martin Scorsese’s penchant for a specific kind of zoom, one where he runs the camera right up to the face of his subject, falls somewhere in between the subtle and the obnoxious.

The Hidden Cuts of ‘Birdman’

In this video, I analyze the hidden cuts of 'Birdman.' This video, does not serve as a debunking of the seamless look of Birdman, but of the appreciation I have for the technique it uses so well.