Reflections of HAL and Samantha

A conversation about emotions between the two most iconic operating systems in film history: HAL from '2001: A Space Odyssey' (1968) and Samantha from 'Her' (2013)

What’s the Point of a Director?

Since a film's script contains instructions for everything that goes into the film why is the director's role considered so important?

Books in Almodovar Films

Cinema and literature, both are passions for Pedro Almodóvar. You can see a lot of books in his movies, with different meanings. Books as gifts, books as a way to escape from reality or like a way of living. Books that hide secrets and others that bring them out.

Why Jump Scares Suck

Are jump scares cheap? Should we get rid of them? Short answer: No. They suck, but they have more potential than you may think.