Breathe explores the use of breathing in films and how while it is always happening it is commonly removed and is only added in to add emphasize to a particular moment.

Wong Kar-Wai and Self-Hood

By turning his camera on his characters’ individuality, Wong Kar-Wai is reminding we the audience of their and indeed our own subjectivity, a perspective further reinforced by the dreamlike, otherworldly visual aesthetic the director adopts.

Bruce Lee: The Life of an Artist

There will never be another like Bruce Lee, and there can’t be, his singularity can never be replicated, it can only be appreciated for the totality of experience it was, and at best, learned from.

71 Split Diopter Shots in ‘The Andromeda Strain’

Split diopter shots are most often attributed to Brian De Palma but director Robert Wise incorporated them into many of his films as a visual style and storytelling device, often using them more than 100 times in one film.